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MTN Uganda mobile money rates will change on Friday, May 10. MTN Uganda announced the changes in mobile money charges in April and most of the levies increased by a percentage between 5-10.

The changes affected transactions on sending money, withdrawing cash (Mobile Money agent and ATM) and making payments. The development came after the telecommunications giant raised the fees for transferring money from the Mobile Money wallet to a bank account.

The new MTN Mobile Money tariffs

The lowest amount of money you can withdraw through a Mobile Money agent is Shs500 and it used to cost Shs330 to withdraw any amount in the range of Shs500-2500.

According to the new MTN Mobile Money rates, this has been increased to Shs350.

The highest amount of cash you can withdraw is Shs7,000,000 and it used to cost Shs49,000 to withdraw a sum in the range of Shs4m to 7 million. You’ll now be charged Shs52500.

Sending charges

The lowest amount of money you can send or withdraw is as above. In the lowest range, that is between Shs500-2500, the fee used to be Shs250. You’ll now pay MTN Uganda Shs100 to send the same amount of money.

That implies that MTN Uganda has reduced the levies on small sums. However, for sums starting from Shs30,001 to 7 million, mobile money rates have been increased.

For instance, sending an amount above Shs500,000 to Shs7 million used to cost Shs2,000. Starting from May 10, the fee will be Shs2,200.

To send any amount above Shs30,000, you would be charged Shs1000. It is now Shs1100, according to the new MTN mobile money rates.

You can transact a maximum of Shs7 million and can have an account balance of Shs15m.

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