How to share data on Airtel Uganda (step-by-step guide)

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There are two ways you can share data on Airtel Uganda.

First, there is ‘Tugabane’ where you add telephone numbers to a list of contacts that will share data with you.

This means that for any number you add, the owner will have access to your data at any time anywhere.

On the other hand, you can use Me2U where you’ll send data from 50MBs to 2000MBs to any contact you want to share data with.

For the ‘Tugabane’ routes, you’ll follow the steps below:

Dial *175*5#

You’ll then get the menu below, choose the Tugabane option

Choose Activate

Enter number

If you choose Me2U, the next step will require you to enter the recipient’s number

Those are the steps you’ll go through to share data on Airtel Uganda.

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