Unlimited data plans offered by telecoms in Uganda

unlimited data plans in Uganda

Telecom companies MTN Uganda, Africell Uganda, and Smile Communications offer unlimited data and voice packages.

Unlimited, in terms of data or voice bundles, simply means that you agree to pay a set price and make as many calls or spend as much time online as you want.

However, some service contracts qualify the meaning of ‘unlimited’ by stating that it is subject to an ‘acceptable’ or ‘fair’ level of use by the subscriber.

And this means that service providers will control your usage rate with daily caps or a single joint cap and once it’s met you package slows down. MTN and Smile refer to this as Fair Usage Policy or FUP.

In this article, we will look at Unlimited data plans offered by the different telecom companies in Uganda.

Africell Uganda

With Africell 3G or 4G-LTE mobile network, you will be capped to operate at speeds lower than 512 Kbps.

Africell’s unlimited internet offer is divided into multiple monthly packages of one, three, six and twelve months. Prices differ, too.

However, the speeds remain constant for all these package durations.

Cost of  Africell Unlimited data 

MTN Unlimited internet

MTN Uganda has two unlimited data offers of Basic and Premium all valid for one month. However, each has an FUP limiting on the data volume you can use in a day

Unlimited Basic limits you to use up to 1 GB daily without restrictions on data speeds. However, for usage above 1GB daily, data speeds drop up to 128kbps.

For Unlimited Premium, you will use up to 3 GB daily with no restrictions on data speeds.

Same as Unlimited Basic, an FUP will be applied for any usage above 3GB daily and the data speeds will drop up to 128kbps. The (FUP) policy is reset daily at 6:00 am for 30days.


Smile Uganda

Smile offers you unlimited data volumes with different speeds at different prices but all valid for 30days.

At a price of Shs179,000, you can browse on Smile Uganda’s 4G LTE network with 27GB  at speeds of 4Mbps. This is known as Unlimited Essential

There is another unlimited internet offer of unlimited premium where you will get 54GB with speeds of up to 6Mbps at a cost of Shs330,000. With Unlimited Platinum, you’ll get 90GB with speeds of 4Mbps at a price of Shs550,000.

However just like MTN unlimited data has a fair usage policy, Smile’s unlimited data bundle allows you to browse at great speeds of 4Mbps or more but once you exceed that data cap, your speeds are throttled to 128Kbps till 24 hours are done.



Airtel has no unlimited internet offers. When you compare the above results, Smile is the best option. The only problem is that its coverage is narrow.

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